We aim to be the BEST Furniture Company!

With over 15 years of innovation and experience in the furniture industry, The FPM??Tuttomobili??has become an industry leader as a manufacturer of quality furniture products.

Tirana is the headquarters of manufacturing, assembly and administration for what is now known as FPM Tuttomobili. Today FPM Tuttomobili,????has over 40000 square mts of facilities in two different????locations and 167 employees. FPM Tuttomobili searches the world for the best values and designs in home furnishings and accessories. FPM Tuttomobili manufactures its own products in Albania . Our intention is to give you the best value for your hard earned money; therefore, we offer????domestic-made????to fit a variety of decorating needs and budgets. The direction and leadership of FPM Tuttomobili ‘s owners have positioned FPM Tuttomobili as a furniture industry leader????in the region.

Unique, coordinated products allow the buyer to choose from several combinations of furniture for dining rooms, and bedrooms; all designed with matching materials and finishes.

The FPM Tuttomobili commitment to being the best furniture company in the industry continues to drive improvements in all phases of the operation, with the customer???s complete satisfaction in mind. This has been the model measurement of success at FPM Tuttomobili and highlights a 15 year tradition of superior craftsmanship and innovative design in the furniture industry.

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